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Power Rungs

Awesome Woodys
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The Power Rungs are they way to go for pure power training. A mega-juggy version of the Campus Rung, campusing on the Power Rungs allows you to campus to your highest potential without over-loading your fingers so that you can continue your climbing-specific upper body training on days where your fingers need a rest day. 

The Awesome Woodys Mega Jug Campus Rungs come in two sizes - 50mm and 70mm - over sets of 1, 6, or 9, whether you've got a half or full campus board, or just want a rung to hang off. These rungs are machined at 15° so to match the standard campus board.

Our Campus Rungs are the best in quality, design, and feel. Here is why:

  • They are individually sanded - for a skin-friendly feel 
  • Environmentally friendly - Using only Australian renewable plantation timber, you can campus assured that the timber is ethically sourced and contributing to capturing CO2 from the atmosphere
  • Precisely manufactured - All rungs are almost identical in shape and depth, so that you know that there are no "cruxy" rungs on your board 


If you have climbing goals and dedication, campus training is one of the most effective power training techniques known to get climbers “strong”.  With dedicated and targeted training on Awesome Woody’s Mega Jug Campus Rungs you will see gains in upper body power.



  • 400 mm length fits evenly on across a 1200 mm panel
  • The 6 pack fits nicely into a 1200 mm high panel
  • The 9 pack fits nicely on a 2000mm high panel
  • 4 Pre-drilled and counter sunk holes
  • Includes mounting screws.

We suggest using campus rungs on a campus board built at 15 degrees.