Tom O'Halloran

The first Australian to climb 9a / 35 / 5.14d. An early Awesome Woodys addict. Tom takes his Cliff Board Mini everywhere he goes – determined to never miss a training session. Living in the Blue Mountains, not far from near Sydney, Tom spends plenty of time looking for new projects that push not only his own personal boundaries, but those of hard Australian climbing overall. We were also stoked to see him compete in the first two seasons of Australian Ninja Warrior. 

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Tracey Hua

With a friendly smile and plenty of energy, this crazy Queenslander lights up the crag. But while she may be funny and fun, Tracey is seriously strong when it matters the most.  Her power screams are super distinct. This girl has a powerful yet elegant style of climbing.  Tracey’s love for this sport is infinite, she pours her mind and soul into it. We love hearing about Tracey's latest adventures, and we know you will too.
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Madeleine Eppensteiner

From World Cup competitions to exotic climbing destinations, Madeleine really knows how to train hard and climb strong! Living in the Austrian Alps, she's always exploring and searching for her next personal challenge.

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Peter Crane

A passionate climber, photographer, film-maker and designer, Peter is endlessly travelling the world and searching for the next big adventure. Based in the Austrian Alps (for now at least), his Cliff Board Mini goes everywhere he does.

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Lee Cujes

With over 20 years of climbing around Queensland under his belt and having nearly climbed everything in the state, Lee Cujes recently relocated to the Blue Mountains where the 5400+ routes should keep him busy for a good while to come. Lee's main focus is sport climbing, and as an insatiable route developer, he has over 250 first ascents to his name up to 32/8b+ and has been a primary driver in opening entire crags such as Redcliffs, various sectors of the Glasshouse Mountains, many routes at Mt Coolum, Vesuvius, Spot X, Crossroads and more. He's also the founder of Safer Cliffs Queensland, a rebolting initiative responsible for funding and rebolting hundreds of routes in the state. A training fiend, Lee had one of the most extensive home woodies in Brisbane and trained climbers for several years under his coaching business Upskill Climbing. Lee's other love is travelling around the world in the quest for limestone. Lee has tested and provided feedback on Awesome Woodys products since the very beginning, and more recently helped develop the Cliff Board Micro.

Alex Mougenot

Clipping bolts or plugging gear; delicate slabs or thrutchy offwidths; onsighting or redpointing; long multi-day trad-ventures or single-pitch cragging; cliffs, boulders, buildings or trees: Alex simply loves climbing things. Despite this apparent love, at the crag or gym he tends to spend more time talking than actually climbing, although he still somehow crushes on rock when it matters. Alex especially has a heart for new routing and adventures where the outcome is unknown, but you dig deep and go for it; a trait that is shared with Awesome Woodys. We recognise his potential as an all-round climber and will support him in his ambitions … watch this space. Currently living in Brisbane - wherein he started climbing in 2013 after meeting some friendly climbers at Kangaroo Point - Alex works with us at Awesome Woodys creating our training tools and walls … Insider tip: He is contractually obliged to personally bless your Cliffboard with a kiss upon request.


Ross Ferguson

Founder of Awesome Woodys

With 30 years in the building industry and over two decades as a passionate climber, Ross decided to combine his building and cabinet making skills with his passion for climbing and training. Ross has made steady progress through his 20 years of climbing and sees a lot more progress to come. Exploring, discovering, new routing and first ascents are the driving force in his climbing. Ross loves seeing other people progress in climbing as well and wants to offer unique and innovative training tools for climbers while enjoying his own progression in the climbing life.

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