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Campus Rungs
Campus Rungs
Campus Rungs

Campus Rungs

Awesome Woodys
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Awesome Woody’s Campus Rungs are manufactured with precision and care for a great experience in campus training.

Our Campus Rungs come as individual rungs or set's of 6 or 9 and are machined and predrilled with 4 screw ( screws supplied)  holes from Australian plantation timber. 

Individually hand sanded our Campus Rungs have a skin friendly feel and are also environmentally friendly. 

If you have climbing goals and dedication, campus training is one of the most effective power training techniques known to get climbers “strong”.  With dedicated and targeted training on Awesome Woody’s Campus Rungs you will see gains in finger strength and upper body power.

Available as individual rungs or in sets of 6 and 9. 

• Awesome Woody’s timber campus rungs are the best in quality, design and feel
• Precision wood machining gives your rungs a comfortable radius and skin friendly feel so you can punch out that last set
• Individually hand sanded
• Precisely machined at 15 degrees to match your campus board. 
400 mm length fits evenly on across a 1200 mm panel

• 6 pack fits nicely into a 1200 mm high panel 

  • 9 pack fits nicely on a 2000mm high panel

• 4 Pre-drilled and counter sunk holes
• Includes mounting screws.

We suggest using campus rungs on a campus board built at 15 degrees.


Ask a Question
  • Hi there Awesome Woodys, I have a 25 degree training wall in my garage and I was considering the addition of some campus rungs so I can do my campus work at home. Gym time is hard to come by. My question is: Would the 38mm rungs profile suit the greater angle or would the 32mm rungs profile still be ok? I boulder V7’s in the Grampians.

    The Campus Rungs are designed for a standard 15° overhanging campus board. The 38mm rungs have an incut to them so would be easier to hold on your 25° board, . The 32mm rungs would be harder to campus on your board, though at your strength as a V7 boulderer, it would be possible, though you would sacrifice some pure power training to the extra tension that you'll have to hold through your body through the campus movement.

    tldr: both will work, though the 38mm will be easier and better for pure upper body power training.

    Thanks for  your question! 🙂