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Portable training rigs have been around for as long as climbers have been living on the road, but only recently have they jumped from homemade splinter boards to fully featured (and convenient to travel with) finger boards. Awesome Woodys, out of Australia, raises the bar for portable hangboards with its Cliff Board series. These two-sided, lightweight wood boards are the most packable and usable travel rigs on the market.


The Mini delivers a wide variety of grips in a small package, from incut and rounded edges, to three-, two- and one-finger pockets, all of various depths. The board also has cutout slots that function as full-hand grips, like a pull-up bar.

Setup is a cinch. The Mini comes with pre-tied cord and a single quicklink to hang it from a bolt or eyehook, or you can sling it to a tree branch, railing or beam. Since the board free hangs, it swings, and that takes some getting used to. But if you weight each hand evenly and tighten your core (a bonus workout), you’re golden. The attached cord can also be switched between two positions to alter the angle of the board if you’re looking for a more incut or slopey feel.

With its variety of grips, the Mini could hold its own in any training cave, but its size and weight make it ideal for travel or warming up at the crag. The Mini easily fits into a bag or pack, and weighs only 19.4 ounces. I recently took the board on a trip to Rocklands, South Africa. While I was stuck in Cape Town before I could get to the boulders, to stay fit, I set up the Mini on a balcony with ocean views. Can't beat that for a hangboard workout.

—Hayden Carpenter

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 “Now there’s no excuse not to train,” one tester said after using this hangboard in hotels on work trips, at popular California crags, and at home over the holidays. Two sides provide large edges, pockets (1-, 2-, and 3-finger), small edges, and pull-up handles. The hanging system allows for two positions to make it harder or easier, and at about 2 lbs. and 13” by 8”, the board fits in a backpack—great for warming up at the crag. Said a tester: “Bring a biner and sling, and you can hang it anywhere; it’s revolutionized my finger-strength training because I can finally stick to a routine. 

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"The Awesome Woodys Cliff Board is one of those items that is pretty darn perfect, in my opinion :) I’ve gotten attached to hangboard workouts in the last few years, especially in times where I’m traveling. Some trips aren’t climbing trips (!!!), and then keeping up with hangboard workouts is really important. I quickly realized it’s not that easy to do a hangboard workout when you’re away from home, because you do need a hangboard. I tried to modify a wooden one I had for roadtrips, and discovered that it always tips wrong and it can be hard to find a structure to clip both sides from, and it is also pretty heavy and hard to lug around–great for home (what it was made for), but not so great for travel. As usual, I discovered there’s someone out there who had the same problems and came up with a wonderful solution."

Steph Davis
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"Hey Awesome Woodys!
I'm really loving the hangboard. The wood just feels niiiice, and the holds are perfect training for what I need. Really good work!"


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"Sweet! Thanks! I’ve really been enjoying the board you sent me, already left a couple very positive comments about it on Reddit to promote you. At first I was a bit worried the Cliff board might be too big for my needs, but when it arrived I discovered it is the perfect size for traveling around. I’ll be sure to check out your future offerings."


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"Awesome woodies did an amazing job of building our training wall.

Ross provided a number of different options for the configuration and created a very efficient use of the space. They prefabricated much of the framing and managed to build the whole structure in under 3 days. The level of finishing and detail is incredible and the structure is as bomber as they come. I would certainly recommend them if you are considering building a wall."

Steve Hawkshaw, Climbing Anchors

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"Loving my elephant balls from Awesome Woodys.

Just discovered hooking them up to the lat pull down machine at Urban Climb is a great way to see progress on the different grips... Cheers Ross Ferguson for this training tool! Double under-cling front lever here we come!!!"