My name is Ross Ferguson and I love combining my passions for climbing and working with wood.

In 2008, I was a young father with a little girl and another on the way. I was in business as a cabinetmaker and I had a mortgage to pay. I didn't have much time for anything – even sleep had become a genuine luxury.

I was so passionate about climbing and, even though I didn't have much free time, I was always obsessed with getting stronger. A couple decades on rock had taught me a lot about myself and what was possible.

Being a cabinetmaker for over 30 years, designing and crafting with wood had become second nature. It was natural to me to try to make various wooden holds and create training tools from wood.

I had a small bouldering wall under the house and I began making my own holds at every opportunity. It was an interesting creative process and I began to think differently about training. I started carving new shapes that would target my weaknesses and help me reach my limit. Best of all, I realised that timber felt much better on my skin compared to plastic.

I like to think I am a boundless, free thinking personality. In climbing I am mostly driven to find new routes and untouched rock. I still love to climb in established areas, but new sending lines give me a pretty cool and satisfying feeling.

I suppose I'm the same in my approach to wood work. I wanted to make something new and interesting – not copy the other gear on the market. I wanted to make tools that were unique in design, skin friendly and super practical for all climbers of all levels.

I'm a perfectionist, obsessed with quality, so it took a long time before my first products were ready. In 2011, I launched "Awesome Woodys" and began selling my gear to local, Australian climbers. While a lot has developed and grown, I'm still proudly crafting away in my small Australian workshop. The new site is a way of reaching out to climbers around the world and to share the tools I've made. My range will keep growing and evolving, the same way it always has.

Through my products I hope and wish to give Sending Power To The People.  

Ross Ferguson. Founder.


Our mission is to supply the climbing community with the highest quality products and services. To share knowledge and consult with our customers so we can achieve the best possible result.

The Awesome Woodys team loves seeing other people progress in climbing and wants to offer more than just products. Awesome Woodys was conceived in 2011 and with small steps it is progressing into something big.

Listening and sharing advice and knowledge about training techniques is all part of the Awesome Woodys ethos. Our aim, with all our products and services, is to deliver and very high standard in both strength, quality and finish.

Environmental Statement

As climbers, we are very close to the natural world. While climbers generally take care, our sport does impact the environment. Ask yourself, what is this product manufactured from? Is there a more friendly alternative for the environment?
Awesome Woodys is committed to taking responsibility and using the best locally sourced products and services. All our climbing training tools and climbing walls are manufactured locally and we employ local people. We manufacture from the best renewable resource, plantation timbers. This is all done without any compromise in quality. This simple approach helps the environment and the local economy. Owning one of our products will give you strength and confidence, and also the knowledge that you are contributing towards the the future of the planet.