Training tools for ambitious climbers.

We create hangboards and other climbing accessories to help climbers crush their project.

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Don't let a climbing plateau take you out.

If you've climbed for long enough, you know exactly what we're talking about. You're frothing along, enjoying progressing in your climbing, then eventually you hit a wall. Those sends just don't seem to come like they previously did. Too many climbers get to this stage and settle - we're passionate about providing training tools to help you get past the plateau and get back to crushing.

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"It's revolutionized my finger-strength training"

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Finger Strength Gear


Gain precision finger strength with
versatile workouts, anywhere.

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Hand Strength Gear


Build grip strength with
scalable, hand exercises anywhere.

Strength and Power

Trusted by Athletes

Awesome Woodys are trusted
by climbing athletes across the world.

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Handmade in Australia

We handmake our training tools from our workshop in sunny Queensland.

A Note From Ross

Skin-Friendly Timber

Manufactured using Renewable Plantation Timber so you can train without wrecking your skin.


4.8 out of 5
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Expertly crafted equipment, honed by a passion for climbing.

Frustrated with the lack of high quality training gear, and zero warmup equipment available back in 2008, Ross doubled down and went to work on creating beautifully crafted timber training equipment that was systematic, practical, and functional.

After creating the first portable hangboard - the "cliff board" - Ross went on to develop a range of climbing training tools to help climbers train a variety of skills. As a cabinet maker, the training gear was created to the highest standards from sustainable timber.

To this day, climbers all over the world continue to trust Awesome Woodys' products to help them train and crush.

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The Awesome Woodys Cliff Board is one of those items that is pretty darn perfect, in my opinion :)

Steph Davis

Awesome Woodys, out of Australia, raises the bar for portable hangboards with its Cliff Board series.

Rock & Ice

The Cliff Board is indeed awesome and in a league of its own. From travelers to tenants who can't drill into their walls, this board offers a unique solution.

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