Cliff Board Mini featured in Magnus Midtbø's Vlog!

Review by Climbing Magazine 

"Bring a biner and sling, and you can hang it anywhere; it’s revolutionized my finger-strength training because I can finally stick to a routine.”

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Review by Rock and Ice 

"Awesome Woodys, out of Australia, raises the bar for portable hangboards with its Cliff Board series. These two-sided, lightweight wood boards are the most packable and usable travel rigs on the market."

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Interview with Vertical Life 

"In the second of our series of profiles of Australian manufacturers of climbing gear, we speak to Ross Ferguson of Awesome Woodys, a Brisbane-based company that produces portable fingerboards much beloved by climbers."

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Review by Steph Davis

 "The Cliff Board is light, extremely cleverly designed and lovingly handmade. You know how when you have something made from wood that’s been hand built and hand sanded, it just feels good?"

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