System Half Balls 100 mm
System Half Balls 100 mm
System Half Balls 100 mm
System Half Balls 100 mm
System Half Balls 100 mm

System Half Balls 100 mm

Awesome Woodys
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Awesome Woody’s System Half Balls are manufactured with precision and care for a tough but rewarding training experience in open hand pinch training.

Machined from Australian plantation timber our System Half Balls have a skin friendly feel and are also environmentally friendly.

The System Half balls are 100 mm in diameter and are actually a little over half at 60 mm in depth. Setup in conjunction with Awesome Woodys Sloper rails on a system board is where they are most effective but they can also be used as a stand alone set or also as regular holds on your bouldering wall.

As the name suggests, these are smaller than the 140mm Half-Balls, and so would suit if your hands on the smaller end of the spectrum, or if you are looking to train narrower pinches. These are a great addition to a gym alongside the 140mm Half-Balls to provide a variety of training tools to climbers!

The System Half Ball shown beside the System Sloper Rung.

If you have climbing goals and dedication, system training is one of the most effective power training techniques known to get climbers “strong”.  Awesome Woody’s 
System Half Balls in the 100 mm size are tough and designed to train your open hand strength and upper body power.

Awesome Woody’s timber System Half Balls are the best in quality, design and feel.

Precision wood machining gives your System Half Balls a comfortable radius and skin friendly feel so you can punch out that last set.

Designing & Prototyping the System Half Ball in our Australian Workshop.

• Comes with training tips and mounting instructions
• Individually hand sanded
• Precisely machined, they are a tough but effective training tool for your system/campus board
• Pre-drilled and counter sunk holes
• Includes T nuts, fixing bolts and screws.

I suggest using the System Half Balls in conjunction with the System Sloper rails on a system/campus board or as regular holds on your bouldering wall.


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