Pinch n Lift Bundle
Pinch n Lift Bundle
Pinch n Lift Bundle
Pinch n Lift Bundle
Pinch n Lift Bundle

Pinch n Lift Bundle

Awesome Woodys
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This Pinch and Lift Bundle contains…

  • 1 x Pinch Block 
  • 1 x Wrist Bar
  • 1 x Lifting Pin
  • 1 x Carabiner 

All valued at $195.85 but as a bundle it is only $165.95

  • Awesome Woodys Pinch Block 

With 20 pinch size variations, the Awesome Woodys Pinch Block is the most versatile pinch training tool on the market allowing you to train narrow, normal, and wide pinches. The crimp edges allow for better climbing-specific pinch grips, such as thumb catches or crimpy pinches that are more realistic in climbing. 

Your Pinch Block comes with detailed instructions and training tips and they come completely ready to clip to the free weights of your choice and your training.

Your pinch block can also be used in crimp-only mode by simply using the adjustable cord system and again clip to free weights and your training.

Taking on 3 years of user feedback, the new 2023 model allows a greater range of pinch sizes, and the edges are now larger and more comfortable to use. The world's best Pinch Block, just got better.

  •  The Wrist Bar, wrist roller kit. 

Here’s the how, what and why.

Wrist rolling is not necessarily new, but it is a bit of an underground phenomenon delivering results in strength and forearm endurance.

Simply attaching the cord to free weights with the lifting pin,  and using 2-3 times a week for max of  10 minutes, rolling up and unrolling the cord delivers the goods.
To easy? Just add more weight!

Heavy Duty Lifting Pin. Made from hard wearing webbing tape with a welded steel ring. Fits both Olympic size weightlifting plates, as well as standard plates. Comes with clip gate carabiner.

With all your training, remember to keep good form! 

3 common variations to train.

  • Straight arm . Hold the bar with arms down straight.
  • Motor Bike. Hold the bar with bent elbows like you are riding a bike.
  • Shoulders.  Hold the bar at shoulder height straight out in front.

The Wrist Bar comes as a kit with The Wrist Bar and Lifting Pin included ready to attach to your fee weights with the lifting pin.

Like all out products it’s sustainable!

The Wrist Bar is made from sustainable plantation Tasmania Oak with stainless steel fittings and it’s a pleasure to hold.