System Half Balls 120mm Incut
System Half Balls 120mm Incut
System Half Balls 120mm Incut

System Half Balls 120mm Incut

Awesome Woodys
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Awesome Woody’s System Half Balls 120mm Incut are an easier alternative to our classic 140mm half-balls. They are catered more to the beginner-intermediate climber who is interested in training campusing on Half-Balls, but isn't quite ready for the classic half-balls.

The System Half balls are 120 mm in diameter, are a little over half at 100 mm in depth, and are in-cut.  Setup in conjunction with Awesome Woodys Sloper rails on a system board is where they are most effective but they can also be used as a stand alone set or also as regular holds on your bouldering wall.

Manufactured with precision and care for a tough but rewarding training experience in open hand pinch training. Machined from Australian plantation timber our System Half Balls have a skin friendly feel and are also environmentally friendly.

As the name suggests, these are smaller than the 140mm Half-Balls, and so would suit if your hands on the smaller end of the spectrum, or if you are looking to train narrower pinches. These are a great addition to a gym alongside the 140mm Half-Balls to provide a variety of training tools to climbers!

• Comes with training tips and mounting instructions
• Individually hand sanded
• Precisely machined, they are a tough but effective training tool for your system/campus board
• Pre-drilled and counter sunk holes
• Includes T nuts, fixing bolts and screws.

I suggest using the System Half Balls in conjunction with the System Sloper rails on a system/campus board or as regular holds on your bouldering wall.