Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's
Church of Rock - Men's

Church of Rock - Men's

Awesome Woodys
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Whether pulling on plastic or rock, there are few things that will ruin a session more than a flapper.

You know the feeling; you're pulling hard on a burn, then it happens. A callous gives up the ghost. The skin peels back. Pain hidden under the strain of the pull. Whether you send or not, a deep flapper tolls the death knell for any hard trying that may be on the cards for the day. Do you relent to lick your wounds and cheer on? Or do you tape up and dig deep, hoping to salvage one more send?

This design was developed as a tribute to our near-religious devotion to climbing. We hope that this design will go with you as a talisman of sorts, a prayer for protection against flappers and an omen of good stoke and clean sends.

A celebration of what it means to be a climber; our devotion to pushing boundaries, embracing pain, and learning from it in an endless pursuit of being better. Built to last, 100% cotton and highly breathable. Rigorous testing has proven this shirt to allow you to hold onto edges 4mm smaller than anybody else*

This artwork was designed by Jotham Teo - a long-time climber and training enthusiast. Follow him on Insta at @wildnchalky

A prayer to the Gods of Crush to see us on our way:

Hear o' ye, of classic climbs and good beta
of well-earned sends and awesome stoke

To Thee, the spirit of cranking and deliverer of choice routes among us.
It is you we come to for blessing though thou hast blessed us already by granting us bomber holds and artful routes.

If you can hear our plea over the rattle of gear, pray heed us for a moment and pity us for we are but mere dirtbags, wandered far from any road, gathered here are we to break free from the humdrum of our day to day and to war on gravity in your name.

Forgive us our beta sprays, as we forgive them what beta sprays us.
Lead us not off route, yet deliver us from flappers and strained pulleys.
For thine is the stoke, the friction and the good vibes
Tommy Caldwell for all in Honnold's name we pray
"Soft for the grade I reckon"

Caring for this fine work of wearable art:

We recommend cleaning this shirt after a day of hard climbing for put-together weekend warriors, and once every 4 months or so for seasoned dirtbags. When you do eventually clean this shirt, we recommend a cold wash and line-drying to maintain the quality of the shirt artwork as excessive heat can cause the print to deteriorate.

T-Shirt Material + Ethical Info:

We wanted to ensure that our shirts were built to last, are comfy, and that everyone involved in the manufacturing process is cared for. AS Color as an ethical fashion brand embodies these principles and strives to ensure that all of those involved in the supply chain is cared for, and that their cotton is sourced in a sustainable way - which means less water consumption, less pesticides, and equality and resilience in cotton farming.

.: 100% combed, ring-spun cotton (fiber content may vary for different colours)
.: Mid-weight, medium fabric (5.2 oz /yd² (176 g/m²))
.: Regular fit, crew neck
.: Ribbed neckline, side seams, shoulder to shoulder tape, and double-needle hems
.: Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage.

Sizing Table:

  S M L XL 2XL
Width, cm 47.00 52.10 56.50 61.00 64.50
Length, cm 71.10 74.90 78.70 79.40 83.80


*Okay, maybe this shirt hasn't been proven to make you hold onto smaller crimps. But by the same token we don't know yet that this shirt won't make you stronger. Put the shirt on, test our hypothesis and let us know how you go.