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Tufa Trainers
Tufa Trainers
Tufa Trainers

Tufa Trainers

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Awesome Woodys Tufa Trainers come in pairs and are a great strength training tool to work on your open hand pinching and upper body power along with finger fitness.

Elliptical in shape with 1 flat face they offer 4 subtle but tough variations of grip positions plus the 2 different depth edges on the bottom offer a deeper 1/2 pad edge and shallow thumb catch or turn it around and squeeze even harder!

Hand made in Australian the ergonomic design is friendly and the solid plantation harvested timber feels great to hold and train on. 

While training on these I imagine myself climbing on exotic flow stone in a far off land!

Requires carabiners or similar for mounting on a bar for traditional body weight hang training or attached to weights for lifting.

Quick stats on these .

  • 135 mm long/tall elliptical shape.
  • 75 mm widest axis
  • 60 mm narrow axis  
  •  Flat face 30 mm
  • 1 x Half pad edge
  • 1x Quarter pad edge