Mammoth Ball
Mammoth Ball

Mammoth Ball

Awesome Woodys
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Awesome Woodys Mammoth Ball. If you want to train compression strength this is the tool for you! 

At 200mm in diameter, it is big ( think soccer ball size) and its tough but rewarding to hang this baby, as it requires both open-hand strength and compressive strength as you need to squeeze the ball with both hands in order to hang on!

Like our Elephant Balls we have added our trademark 3 lines, I like to call them the (NO Cheat Lines) so your training sets are measurable. The lower you go, the harder it is:


Hands on top, Challenging.

Fingers Above the top line = Hard.

Fingers Above the 2nd line = Very Hard.

Fingers Above the 3rd line = Extremely Hard.

Below the line = ? Open Project! ............ Show me how it's done!


As with all our hand made gear the Mammoth Ball is made locally from Local Plantation Timber and finished to perfection.


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